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Does Netflix have Spiderman?

Two years after the first screening in cinemas and just before the exclusive PlayStation Spider-Man Miles Morales release. Let’s see together what brought this animated transposition to be so much appreciated. In a cinematic world where live-action superhero movies.

Let’s go in Spiderman into the spider verse…

I know you visit many websites to answer “Does Netflix have Spiderman?”, but you didn’t get the right answer. Don’t worry I will give you one.

Does Netflix have Spiderman?

I know you want Spiderman movies on Netflix. And you want to know “Does Netflix have Spiderman?” The answer is “Yes”! And you don’t have to wait. Now you could easily watch this movie on Netflix. Spider-Man a New Universe is an Academy Award-winning film.

In fact, the Oscar for the best-animated film has won it. Scratching the Disney hegemony that has reigned supreme over this award since 2010. If you haven’t seen it yet, get it back as soon as possible.

Because two years have already passed. And because we can’t talk about this animated film without spoilers!


Miles Morales, the son of a nurse. And a policeman is a very intelligent Brooklin teenager struggling with himself. To decide what he wants to be poised between aspirations related to parents (mainly the father) and the freedom to express himself. Even if a bit obscure, from his uncle.

During this teenage inner conflict, Miles is first bitten by a spider that modifies his DNA and gives him spidery powers and later gets involved in spite of himself in the struggle between Spider-man and an alliance between his enemies who want to open a dimensional door on parallel worlds.

Spider-man fails in his mission by losing his life. But first, Miles promises to take Peter Parker’s place as the wall-climber and screw up the enemy’s plans.

From here begins the boy’s adventure during which he meets other spider people ( Peter B Parker, Spider Gwen, Spider-man Noir, Spider Pork and Peni Parker ) catapulted into that New York of that universe because of the machinery.

Miles faces his indecision in all this, takes full possession of his powers and joins the spider-team to bring everyone back to his universe and destroy the portal.

The origin story got a little tired, and the film knows it.

Speaking of the origin story, Spider-Man a New Universe makes fun of himself by summarizing very briefly on several occasions the origin of the spider’s protagonists.

First of all, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man from the Miles universe is clearly taken from the Spider-Man saga directed by director Sam Raimi. In fact, there are many scenes revisited but clearly taken from those films.

Citing just a few of the more blatant and famous ones shown on screen. We have the upside-down kiss between Mary Jane and Spider-Man from the first film.

Then we have the rescue of the train that is about to derail from Sam Raimi’s second film.

Finally, Peter Parker’s ballet cringe turned meme, based on the third film.

Also on the story of the origins of Miles, the director comes up with a couple of jokes that always go against that edge, that is, that always starting over has slightly bored the audience.

The reason is obvious: wall climbing fans have seen a reboot of the origins 4 times within a few years of each other, including this film. This teasing becomes an important strength in storytelling, which makes the film light and fun to follow.

(Almost) patented animation technique.

This movie is a real animated comic.

In Spider-Man a New Universe is wisely mixed traditional technique with CGI, hand-made drawings and patterns, screens, comic shading techniques to reproduce the movement, vignettes. And captions placed on the screen.

With this film, Sony Animation has been able to present a new way of creating animation, no longer based solely and exclusively on the CGI technique. He was not afraid to try this new path, managing to bring the public closer to absolutely comic production.

This avant-garde technique and the cartoonish mold allow us to do truly unthinkable things that we could hardly see on screen in live action style, at least, not in the near future. Not even the time to bring the film to the screen and Sony has already rushed to patent the technique, in order to protect itself from the competition at least for a few years on style copying.

The narrative background and protagonists.

Spider-Man a New Universe is literally a breath of fresh air in the narrative of the spider’s adventures.

A real mash-up that takes both hands from all the most recent Spider-man comic production.

In fact, the spider verse is a series of the adventures of our friendly neighborhood spider man also designed by the Italian Giuseppe Camuncoli for Marvel, between 2014 and 2015, from here the film draws only the concept of the existence of worlds and of parallel spider-people.

The story of the protagonist, Miles Morales, also takes its cue only from the story told on the pages designed by the very Italian Sara Pichelli in 2011.

The other co-stars, Spider-Gwen, Spider Pork, and Peni Parker come from the spider verse. Some of these have even had a comic series all to themselves, while Spider-Man Noir is based on 2009 what if series of Spider-Man and which thanks to the film have returned in a comic version in 2020.

Spiders not only have their own personality, but they are also distinguished by their costume and also by their physiognomy. They are those little things not to be underestimated. The story ends with a flourish of action scenes, frenetic, kinetic and violent.


Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse is a perfect way to see just how cohesive the Marvel world is despite some minor discrepancies and issues. The event tries to unite all the possible and imaginable universes. Leaving aside all the other heroes to focus only on spiders.

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